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Gold Purchases
Due to the high market value of gold, many of our customers come to us to receive fair value purchases of used and broken gold pieces. Our gold purchases include:
  • Broken gold items
  • Bars
  • Bracelets
  • Chains
  • Cufflinks
  • Diamond studs
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Pendants
  • Watches
  • Bullion
  • Scrap gold
     Silver, Platinum and Diamond Purchases
    In addition to gold purchases, we also make offers for silver, platinum and diamonds. If you’re making a sale to free up funds for a future custom-designed piece, we invite you to view our selection of custom-designed jewellery.

    Custom Designed Jewellery from London Gold in Oakville
    Many of our customers who are looking to have a custom-designed piece realize the significance of creating a piece that is created with their particular interests in mind. That is why London Gold has become Oakville’s trusted name is custom-designed jewellery.

    As a custom jewellery maker, we specialize in diamond and pearl-laden jewellery, and can typically complete work at a fraction of the cost of most jewellery franchises.

    If you desire to have a piece that is one-of-kind, but have little insight to offer in its design, we can create a custom piece that is unique and inspiring.

    For jewellery that shares your unique sensibilities, please call us today to arrange an appointment.
    Jewellery Repairs from London Gold in Oakville
    London Gold will fix any and all of your jewellery and return it to as close to its original state as possible so you can continue to enjoy it. A small fee is charged for a continuing heirloom.

    At the Neighborhood Secret page you can find a monthly coupon to save money on repairs and appraisals. Simply follow the link and print out the coupon to cash in on your savings.

    Watch Repairs from London Gold in Oakville
    London Gold is always ready to take your watch for repairs. Whether it’s a simple battery change or a more complex repair, we’ll get it done.

    Appraisals from London Gold in Oakville
    Appraisals are important to keep you updated and adequately covered in case of loss. We supply appraisals for insurance purposes, complete with a description and photo of the pieces appraised.

    Engraving from London Gold in Oakville
    We offer both hand engraving and machine engraving to give your jewellery that finishing personal touch.

    Remodelling from London Gold in Oakville
    Let our creative people create the perfect ring for now and in the future. The timeless look of simplicity and elegance will be relevant today and in the many years of your shared life together.